Health Services

Welcome to the John Muir Health Services webpage.  Please see below for links to parent/guardian forms that may be printed and filled out.  Please contact us with any questions.

Office Hours:
7:15-3:15 Monday-Friday

Kira McGinnity - School Nurse
Phone: (715) 261-0914
Fax: (715) 261-2461

Cheryl Baars - Health Aide
Phone: (715) 261-0125
Fax: (715) 261-2461


Medication Forms
    Parent/Guardian Information for Medication Administration
    Medication Administration Consent Form
    Over the Counter Medication Consent Form

Asthma Forms
    Asthma Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
    Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Forms
    Severe Allergy Action Plan
    Student Food Allergy Intolerance Parent Questionnaire

Food Substitution Forms
    Dietary Request Cover Letter
    Dietary Request Form