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School Safety - ALICE
Posted on 05/03/2018

Hello John Muir Parents and Guardians!

There are many types of dangers, both natural and man-made, that schools may experience. Schools have plans for how to respond to a fire or tornado; and, while such plans are necessary, so too is a plan for responding to an active shooter or violent intruder.  

ALICE Training was the pioneer in active shooter preparation training in our country. Because they were first, they have the most experience, the credibility, and the most support for implementation.  Wausau School District administrators and teachers have been trained in the ALICE procedures. On Friday, May 4, your middle school student watched a very brief informational video on ALICE training concepts presented by school administration and the school resource officer as an introduction to this training.    

ALICE is an acronym; its letters represent ALERT, LOCKDOWN, INFORM, COUNTER, and EVACUATE.  After this brief introductory video, teachers met with students in their homerooms and get feedback regarding their questions and concerns.   Nothing is of greater priority than the well-being, safety, and security of our students, staff, and visitors. If you would like tips for dealing with and discussing stressful topics with your child, the following are recommendations from the American School Counselor Association:  

Be honest with kids and share with them as much information as they are developmentally able to handle.
Listen to kids’ fears and concerns.
Reassure kids that the world is a good place to be, but that there are people who do bad things.
Try and keep routines as normal as possible. Kids gain security from the predictability of routine, including attending school.
We also ask that you please discuss with your child the importance that everyone in the school community provide a safe environment both in school and out of school as well as how to identify and report suspicious behavior.

Thank you for your partnership in maintaining a safe learning environment.