8th Grade ACP Conference Information

8th Grade Academic & Career Planning Conference Information
Posted on 10/07/2019

       8th Grade Student and Parent

Academic & Career Planning Conference Invitation

October 7, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians of 8th Graders,

Starting today, 8th grade parents/guardians are able to access the Google calendar allowing you to sign up for your child’s eighth grade Academic and Career Planning Conference.  Please go to the following link: http://bit.ly/jmmscareer to sign up.  Your appointment will be with one of the four School Counselors at John Muir.  When signing up for an appointment, please enter in your student’s name and the name(s) of the adult(s) that will be attending in the “description” box.  Our appointments are available during school hours (7:30 - 2:30), except on conference nights. If you elect to schedule on conference night, please note that these will be held as group conferences with multiple families in the Large Group Room.  Please make sure your device is set to Central Standard time to view the calendar correctly. For those students with multiple households, please coordinate schedules as we only have availability to hold one conference per student. Conferences will be held mid-October through mid-December.  If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact Kari Komorowski at (715) 261-0115 or kkomorowski@wausauschools.org

The 8th Grade Student and Parent/Guardian Academic & Career Planning Conference is a facet of the Academic and Career Planning process that has been established by the Department of Public Instruction. Unlike traditional parent-teacher conferences that discuss current grades and discipline, this conference typically lasts 30 minutes and is specially designed for you and your child to focus on your child’s current talents and interests, their educational and career development, and information to begin planning for high school and beyond. 

Topics covered will include an overview of your child’s academic performance, career assessment and learning style results, strengths and interests, career plans, and high school information, including scheduling.  Conferences help parents/guardians gain insight into their child’s development and help students gain insight into the direction they are headed in the future.  

Recognizing that not all parent/guardian schedules allow them to participate in this conference, we will offer a group student conference.  Educational/career information will be shared with students in a group setting, and we will ask them to bring the information home to share with you.  If your child is not signed up for an individual or parent group conference, we will automatically schedule him/her for a student group conference.  

We are really looking forward to meeting with you and your 8th grade student! We know you will find this a beneficial tool for your child’s future.


Susan Holster, Heidi Schmidt, Jena Treu, & Sarah Falk

John Muir School Counselors