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Welcome to the John Muir Health Services webpage.  Please see below for links to parent/guardian forms that may be printed and filled out.  Please contact us with any questions.

Office Hours:
7:15-3:15 Monday-Friday

Alexandra Hein, R.N. - School Nurse
Phone: (715) 261-0113
Fax: (715) 261-2461

Sarah Swanson - Health Paraprofessional
Phone: (715) 261-0125
Fax: (715) 261-2461

Exclusion from School

Students may be excluded from school for communicable disease control for the following conditions:

  1. Undiagnosed or untreated skin rash or sores that cannot be covered
  2. Fever (temperature 100.5ºF or greater or if behaviors such as excessive sleepiness or coughing which might be interfering with the student’s learning.) Child must be fever-free without fever medicine for 24 hours before returning to school  
  3. Vomiting two or more times in the previous 24 hours. Exclusion will continue until vomiting resolves or a health care provider determines the cause is not contagious. 
  4. Diarrhea three times in the previous 24 hours or child is incontinent (has an “accident”)
  5. Upper respiratory illness with frequent cough/drainage
  6. “Pinkeye” (conjunctivitis) if accompanied by fever, behavioral change or inability to avoid touching eyes. (Antibiotics not required for return.) 
  7. Strep throat (until 24 hours after treatment has begun, or health practitioner approval.)
  8. Students whose immunization status is not in compliance with the Wisconsin immunization law
  9. Students with known suppressed immunity may be excluded, for their protection, when cases of communicable disease (i.e., measles, chickenpox) occur in school

When a student with symptoms of a communicable disease reports to the health area, the principal, school nurse, or staff designated by principal or school nurse may exclude the student until they no longer are infectious or pose a risk to others, or per physician’s written instructions.  

See WSD Health Care Policy and Procedure 6-2 Exclusion from School 


Medication Forms
    Parent/Guardian Information for Medication Administration
    Medication Administration Consent Form
    Over the Counter Medication Consent Form

Asthma Forms
    Asthma Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
    Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Forms
    Severe Allergy Action Plan
    Student Food Allergy Intolerance Parent Questionnaire

Food Substitution Forms
    Dietary Request Cover Letter
    Dietary Request Form