2019 FORWARD Testing Information

2019 FORWARD Testing Information
Posted on 03/08/2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I want to share some important information with you regarding the Wisconsin Forward Assessment your child will be taking April 9-18, 2019.  All schools in the State of Wisconsin are administering computer-based assessments to students in the areas of math and reading.  In addition, our eighth grade students will be assessed in the areas of science and social studies.

As a staff, we have been proactively developing a reasonable assessment schedule, reviewing the student tutorial in several classes so students learn how to use the computer-based assessment tools, and scheduling time for students to experience the design and computer-based tools through a practice assessment.  These activities will begin on April 1. We have done this to help ease student anxiety and to help students perform to the best of their ability on each of the assessments. A specific schedule for John Muir assessment dates and times follows.

The Wisconsin Forward Exam is a computer-based assessment used to measure student academic achievement and help school staff identify your child’s strengths and needed areas of improvement in literacy and math.  Our teachers and staff use these results when making literacy and math placement and programming decisions for each student.

We are asking for your assistance in making this a productive and reliable assessment experience.  Please talk with your child about the importance of the computer-based assessments they will be taking.  Encourage your child to take the test seriously and do his or her best. Help them to get plenty of rest and to eat balanced meals, especially prior to and on testing days. Breakfast is available at John Muir every day of the school year!

If at all possible, please make sure your child is not absent on testing days. If an absence does occur, we will need to schedule make-up times for the tests.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to working with you to help your child do their best.



Larry J. Mancl

Larry J. Mancl


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